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A blockchain-driven economy can enable everyone to access financial services without any intermedium, ultimately empowering people, regardless of social class and geographical location, with financial freedom and opportunities. To this end, building a bridge between fiat and crypto is of paramount importance. To OKEx, BANXA is a reliable partner for fiat-to-crypto gateway solutions. We sincerely hope our partnership can be a catalyst for such development.


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Trading support in more than 113 countries

How we work

OK Group invests in Banxa's payment infrastructure

OKEx is one of the largest international cryptocurrencies exchanges in the world. Users can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies in minutes. OKEx platform offers a wide range of trading tools for every level of investment need from complete beginners to professionals.

Banxa gives OKEx users an advantage.

Partnering with Banxa will enable OKEx customers to a wider range of payment options to buy cryptocurrencies with. This includes purchasing via your local post office in Australia to debit and credit cards across Europe.

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